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The Story of John Byron

John Byron has always loved books. Ever since he learned how to read, he could not get enough material. A voracious reader, he read everything in sight, and by the time he was in fourth grade he was at a twelfth grade reading level! Problems on the home front edged into his studies and Byron began to rebel against authority at a young age.

At the age of 17, John tired of his broken home life, dropped out of high school and joined the military in search of something he wasn’t quite sure of as of yet. Whatever it was that he was looking for, Byron would not find it within military life. After he left the Army, Byron moved to Missouri, where his mother and step father had moved during Byron’s stint in the Army.

Byron quickly discovered that time does not always heal all wounds, and after a couple years in Missouri, Byron packed all of his necessities into a duffle bag and began a three year hitchhiking odyssey that would take him across the continental United States, Canada and Mexico.

It was during his travels that Byron began writing poetry. He kept a binder in which he would fill with thoughts twisted into a dramatic monologue that finally gave him the outlet he had been searching for.

Eventually, Byron found a career in the industry of Information Technology. Basement taught as he likes to put it, John learned his computer and networking skills using the break/fix method at home and eventually landed himself a position at a firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It took Byron 10 years to tire of writing poetry. He felt that his writing was ready for more of a challenge and began writing some of the ideas that had been bouncing around his mind over the years. Over the next 15 years, Byron would pen screenplays, short stories and novellas before eventually writing his first novel, Mr Mann.

Byron lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, Brenda and is current working on his next novel.

Susan HansonThe Author