November, 2017 Release Date Set!

Blood and Moonlight

“If this is where we start, then so be it, but I will warn you, and this is the only warning I offer… You will need to put aside all of the rubbish you have seen, beginning with the book by that conniving and traitorous bitch Shelley, and the movies as well! Right out! All of it! Because imagine if you will, your life, played out on a page, or a screen. It’s bad enough when you just want to be left alone, abandoned, or even forgotten. Then someone comes along and tells your story, and they get it all wrong. Wrong! Now while you have heard or seen this story in one fashion or another, this time it will be quite different.It will be so because it will be entirely from my perspective, thus allowing you to see the truth within the fiction, and that truth I speak of is the story of my life or rather the true story of my life. So let’s get this little tidbit out of the way, and get straight to the point.
I am Frankenstein’s Monster and as I said earlier, this is my story.”

Available November 2017


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